Uses & Benefits of Social Media within the Sales Framework

Social MediaAside from the ability of an unsatisfied customer to spread their message to the masses, social media can be a positive addition to any sales team. Utilizing all aspects of the modern networking tools can be extremely beneficial, as technology is helping companies consolidate their resources and limit their overhead by eliminating out-dated practices.

Sales management teams can instruct their employees on how to keep in contact with their clients through using the social media applications.

Glen Gow, president of Crimson Consulting, noted the importance of how making any sale requires seven to 10 touches, and how keeping in constant contact is a way for sales representatives to finalize a deal. Salespeople can reference easy to explain videos on the company’s page or they may ask prospective clients to follow their feed in an effort to woo them towards the business.

Although many companies have tried to use the social media applications effectively, nearly 31 percent do not measure its effectiveness, less than 23 percent are using social media analytic tools and 7 percent of companies are able to integrate the new programs into their sales and marketing activities, according to a study that was done by the Harvard Business Review Analytics Services.