Trim Fat with Sales Training Strategies

Sales training to trim fatOptimizing sales effectiveness is a challenge for any manager, as the toughest part of training representatives is creating an environment where productivity trumps all other aspects.

A reduction in the ratio of sales representatives to accounts is the optimal business plan for managers, as the company can consolidate resources in an effort to generate the maximum number of leads and clients without increased spending. This type of intelligent downsizing can be done though an effective training program.

Companies that spend more money on sales training and new technologies will be able to keep less representatives on the payroll without seeing a dip in their account activity and lead generation, according to an article in the Harvard Business Review.

One of the hardest things about training salespeople is to make sure that these employees do not become stuck in their ways, and thus resistant to change. The more successful a representative becomes, the harder it is to get this worker to accept a new idea about a product or service, the business website reported.

Many companies were born out of an idea, not through a business development that included an initial sales process that secured clients from the outset. This notion makes it important to hire a new group of representatives, and not rely on workers who have been through the system and have little to learn.

Business owners who lack a background in the industry may want to hire a sales development consultant to aid the company in the initial stages of compiling a team of representatives, said Barrett Riddleberger, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales training and consulting firm.

As the company grows, the necessity of a successful and productive training program becomes evident to managers, as resources should not be wasted on hiring more employees who will plateau after reaching a certain level of sales or lead generation, according to the executive.

New salespeople are like athletes, in that they need practical sales training to capitalize on their abilities and then long-term follow-up sales coaching to help them improve and reach their full potential. Immersion in new strategies and methods will lead to an increased knowledge of the field and proper development, Riddleberger noted.

The executive also explained how in today’s environment, where new business is the name of the game, companies must improve their tools of generation to stay relevant.