Tracking Sales Performance With NetSuite

Sales PerformanceNetSuite Technology Helps Track Sales Performance

In order to effectively monitor the performance of the salespeople who are working for you, it is often necessary to spend time and money to track multiple systems and spreadsheets. New technology may help to minimize the effort that sales management needs to put forth to gauge effectiveness.

NetSuite offers SuiteAnalytics as a standard feature, which can allow businesses to analyze their performance through built-in dashboards that are integrated right into the CRM application, according to NetSuite.

Members of the sales staff can be measured using the business performance metrics that can track the numbers and output of each department. Along with tracking performance, the SuiteAnalytics allows the user to identify exceptions, trends and opportunities, noted the application provider.

Managers are also able to set up key performance indicators that show variances, real-time trend graphs and ad-hoc reports that are personalized for each employee’s role, said NetSuite.

These applications can be custom formatted to business plans and due to this customization, prevents the company from receving different answers from various systems, according to InformationWeek.