The Best, Most Successful Salespeople Are Worth Their Weight in Gold

Top Notch Sales Ppl Worth their Weight in GoldIn many lines of work, the difference between a great employee and an average one is significant and this especially true in the world of sales.

According to John Warrillow, writing for CBS’ BNET, an exceptional salesperson can be two to three times as productive as a typical sales rep, meaning that identifying such individuals is essential for sales mangers.

Warrillow says that in the commission-based world of sales, the more expensive product a salesperson sells, the more money they will make. Because of this reality, it is often difficult to pry salespeople away from larger industries and thus one should look “down market.” This means looking for successful salespeople who are selling less expensive products, and offering them the job.

Another thing to look for in potential hires is a competitive attitude. According to Warrillow, finding individuals who are eager to be the best is a good way to identify strong sales reps.

Sales assessments are an essential part of the hiring process for most sales managers and they can help identify people who have the ability to be a great asset for a company.

Once these people are brought in, sales training can help instruct them in the best practices to succeed at a firm.