Teaching Salespeople How to Adapt: Necessary Adjustments for Representatives

Teaching Salespeople to AdaptA sales management team may struggle with identifying individuals who will become excellent salespeople, as appearances can be deceiving when it comes to determining a potential representative.

It is important for a manager to find someone who is willing to learn, as some representatives rely too heavily on their social skills and ability to charm or persuade people. The best salespeople are not always individuals who are the life of the party, they might be the ones who are willing and able to adapt to a situation.

If a representative is too reliant on their assets they can overextend themselves in a conversation. These skills can become a liability if they are over-applied, according to Barrett Riddleberger, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales training and consulting firm.

An individual may be gregarious and outgoing, skills that can work for some clients, but they could be confronted with a customer who favors restraint. A similar case occurs when the salesperson is too easy going and laid-back, as the representative may miss out on a sale that needed an assertive person to pursue it, the executive noted.

It is important for representatives to know their own abilities and to understand that reflection and examination are not just useful tools for life, they can be used to help a person become a better salesperson. Having an open mind is an important characteristic for a rep to have, as it is important to change and adapt in the world of selling, noted Riddleberger.

“A lot of times that’s what you got with sales reps out there who have not thought through who they are, or not thought through how other people function in their roles, their lives, their personalities, how they think,” said the executive. “The definition of adulthood is realizing that not everyone doesn’t think like you do and you’re okay with it.”

The problem with a lot of salespeople is that they walk in and make themselves a commodity by acting like every other person that holds the same position. It is important to stand out, and have people identify certain likeable characteristics that would benefit the relationship, according to Riddleberger .

It is important for people to identify things about themselves, and use this information to shape how they interact with another individual. If a salesperson is able to make a conversation look effortless, they usually had to work especially hard to acheive this, Entrepreneur.com reported.