Tablet Application for Sales Presentations

Tablets-are-becoming-a-part-of-the-sales-worldSales training can encompass a large number of things and that list looks like it’s going to continue to grow as sales continue to become incorporated in cutting-edge technologies.

One technology in particular that is taking off in terms of sales is the tablet. According to Tulsa World, IllumeMobile recently introduced the SaleSentral app for both the Android tablet and the iPad to help salespeople make presentations on the road.

“Tablets give you an instant on, which is great for quick presentations,” vice president of business development at IllumeMobile Brett L. Williams told the news source.

The news source reports that one of the advantages of the app is that it allows for sales managers to be sure that all of their staff members are giving the same presentation while on the road. SaleSentral reportedly accomplishes this by distributing sales presentations to all sales people from a central server.

“One of the common problems for sales managers is inconsistency on how individual sales members present the product,” Williams said.

A number of companies have been mulling the possibility of giving their salespeople tablets, one of the most prominent being electronics retailer Best Buy.