Salespeople Can Safely & Effectively Use E-Signature Technology

E SignaturesBusinesses are always looking for ways to save time and money. Cutting costs that are associated with practices that are outdated is one of the many ways that a company can open up resources to help boost sales. One such advancement concerns the idea of a signature, and the process by which it can become a digital, portable and transferable entity.

Sales management can be eased through the implementation of an e-signature program, as the new method of obtaining verification is more affordable and in most cases more reliable. The technology has given companies a chance to maintain control of processes, collect and store signatures, detect minor tampering, while allowing for clients to sign from their office location, according to Insurance Networking News.

“The benefits of e-signatures are too compelling to ignore,” managing director of Celent, Craig Weber says in a client survey dealing with e-signatures. “About percent of survey respondents ranked improved process speed and the opportunity for improved process efficiency as compelling potential benefits.”

Acknoweldgement of the legitimacy of the idea of electronic signatures was spearheaded by a 2000 act signed by President Clinton, according to Adobe.

Using the e-signature technology can help businesses establish a justice-based and knowledge-based society due to the verifiable components of obtaining signatures from a secure and managed device that is provided with the new method. Practical application of the digital verification has given salespeople a new way to keep clients happy along with organizing a database of signatures and accepted product lines, according to The Financial Express.

New technology within the e-signature field has made the process more mobile and less complicated. Companies can celebrate the reliability of the sale along with saving paper, which helps on a green and financial level.

The Docusign is an interface that has guaranteed effective delivery of e-signatures since the inception of the technology, according to the company website. Their new product brings the verification process to a mobile device, allowing salespeople to effectively obtain a signature and upload this instantly through their phone.

The Esign from Adobe also increases the speed by which verification can be obtained through using PDF documents to upload signatures on important documents. The blue ribbon at the top of each screen signifies that the document was altered after it was signed, ensuring the salesperson complete assurance that their contract is reliable, Adobe reported.