Salespeople Benefit from Understanding Entire Sales Cycle

Sales CycleCustomers can go through different phases when they are choosing whether or not to buy something, as the entire process of the sale is seen through the eyes of the client, when determining the sales cycle.

Teaching new employees the ins and outs of the process that customers go through is an essential part of sales training. If the rep does not know the other side of the situation, then it may become difficult for them to close.

Starting with his or her first perception of the product or service, or the need that they are attempting to satisfy, the customer might choose to research and then evaluate before making the purchase. The key is to teach representatives to think about their potential customer, and then see how far along in the process they are.

A system for learning the sales cycle is an easy way to get new reps trained to read customers. A five step process can be implemented, outlining how the employee would move through the individual selling points.

Simplifying the sale cycle process can allow salespeople to understand a customer’s thought process. Phase One notes that the customer must know the product or the company, either through prior experience or through a concise explanation by the rep.

The second phase deals with thinking about whether the client likes what he or she knows about the company or the product, and trying to boost the reputation that with which consumers are associating the salespeople.

Trust between the sales person and the buyer makes up the third phase outlined by Web and Print, as there must be a mutual understanding of all aspects of the potential sale. Customer reviews and other third-party sources may be implemented here, noted the website.

Payment constitutes the fourth phase, which is arguably the most important, as the actual sale needs to be made to benefit both parties. Selling the customer is not the same as ensuring that they make purchase, according to the website.

Phase five simply states that you need to make the entire process great in order to enhance the image of your product.

Another method for implementing sales cycle training is using new technology.

The Sales Cycle Manager application is sales technology that can allow users to better understand their customers through the sales process, AppExchange reported.

Prioritizing opportunities according to forecasts and parameters that are entered by the salesperson allows for the Sales Cycle Manager to place an intrinsic value on the given customer, according to the application provider.