Sales Training Techniques for Good Salespeople in a Struggling Economy

Good salespeople thriveThe recession has been difficult for almost everyone but with people looking to tighten their belts by cutting spending, the economic downturn has been especially difficult for salespeople.

Still, salespeople who work hard and employ the proper techniques, such as those laid out in a recent article in Entrepreneur Magazine, can weather even the worst recession.

The author of the article, Mark Stevens, wrote that he has heard virtually every excuse in the book from salespeople looking to explain their lack of success in the down economy. However, Stevens writes that such excuses wouldn’t always be necessary if salepeople follow certain advice.

First, one should ignore the headlines and become comfortable with the fact that no matter how bad the economy appears to be, people are still buying things. By keeping this fact in mind, salespeople may be able to develop the confidence they need to sell during these tough times.

Another thing that salespeople may wish to do would be to incorporate the economy into their sales pitches. Stevens says that salespeople can frame the sale as something that the customer not only needs but deserves as well.

Stevens also offers a bit of advice that at first appears counterintuitive to being successful in a down economy: work less. By not forcing one’s self to sell to customers that aren’t there, a good salesperson will be able to relax and get ready for the next day, according to Stevens.

Barrett Riddleberger, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales training and consulting firm, said that salespeople are vital to businesses in every economic climate.

“Salespeople are the ones who help companies grow, succeed and profit,” the executive said. “They generate the revenue necessary for organizations to employ people, acquire capital equipment, buy more products and services, invest in research and move the economy forward.”

Riddleberger said that because of the essential nature of salespeople it is crucial that they receive the proper instruction and attention to ensure that they are doing everything that they need to for a company, particularly one struggling during tough economic times.

“That’s why it is so critical for salespeople to have the skills required for success,” Riddleberger said. “It not only affects them personally, but everyone else in their market, region and in the country. That’s one of the reasons why sales training is on the rise. Smart companies know that investing in sales skill development is vital to their survival and success.”