Sales Reps Benefit from Use of iPads

iPads Helping Sales RepsQuality sales representatives are always on top of the latest technology and perhaps no innovation in the past few years has had such potentially large implications for the sales industry as the iPad.

Barrett Riddleberger, the CEO of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales training and consulting firm, says that “iPads are a game changer for sales reps from just about every industry” for a variety of reasons.

According to Riddleberger, one of the things that iPads can provide those in the sales industry is that they will allow them to “stream on demand sales training from [their] online university in preparation for sales calls.” This can help fledgling salespeople gain confidence before an important call or meeting.

Another advantage presented by the iPad is that it will allow sales reps to give new customers electronic documents and forms that can be immediately entered into a firm’s processing system, said Riddleberger.

In addition, iPads can help with sales presentations by allowing salespeople to instantly retrieve testimonials from satisfied customers and other such endorsements to showcase one’s company to a potential new client.

Training a sales staff about the latest technology can help a company grow.