Sales Leadership Training 101: First Week On The Job: Part One of Two

Sales Training First Day on JobEntering a new company for the first time can be a daunting experience for any employee, especially an incoming vice president of sales or someone at the managerial level.

A sales management team needs to accommodate the entrance of a new executive, and this individual has to gauge the state of his company before making any decisions.

What you should do on the first day with a new company depends on the situation that the business is in when you arrive, according to Heather Kivett, president of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales training and consulting firm.

“Where is the company? Each company can be something different, so it really depends on the specific organization,” noted the executive. “It is not going to be a universal situation where each VP of sales is able to adjust and adapt to the new business in the same way.”

The new VP of sales might be tasked with saving a company that is on the verge of bankruptcy. If this is the situation it may be necessary to come in with a “metaphorical chainsaw” and cut all of the excess programs and personnel, according to Kivett.

“You might have to be the turnaround agent, not a pretty thing, but it is your job,” noted the executive. “Serious cuts and serious adjustments probably have to occur. It will be painful, but it is for the greater good of the company.”

If the company is struggling in other areas and there is a morale problem, then the new VP needs to come in and be the leader. You might have to come in and bring all of the executives together underneath you and present them with a vision that you have for the business, according to Kivett.

“Or you might just want to hear their opinions of what is happening with the company,” the executive said. “It depends on the amount of time that you have had leading up to it, and whether you have been able to interview people and get their opinions.”

It could be the beginning of a listening tour that requires the executive to filter the problems that many people in the company have, and discern which things are important. One has to learn from their surroundings before any real actions can take place.