Sales Development Training and Client Correspondence Strategies

Managers know the importance of sales training, as representatives who are taught the correct strategies may perform at a level that is much higher than their colleagues who were incorrectly trained.

Creating a sales call checklist may serve as an excellent training strategy, as new representatives can determine if they covered all of the necessary talking points during each round of correspondence with a potential customer.

Several necessary questions need to be addressed in the checklist, and the new representative needs to understand that preparation is more important than the contents of the list.

The first items on the list need to address obtaining the necessary contact information, as a sale centered around the person who is in charge of purchasing. After securing the details of the specific account the representative may want to use an effective transition to the business topic, and predetermined possibilities can be practiced before the call, according to

Surveying the needs of the company may be essential to secure business, and placing the correct quantifying questions on the checklist may help to show a concern for their perspective, the business website reported.

Preparation can go beyond the checklist, as many times a salesperson can solidify an account by showing in-depth knowledge of the company that they are dealing with. Instead of relying on a pitch on the products and services, a representative should understand how the service fits within the prospect’s business, Barrett Riddleberger, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales training and consulting firm, said in a statement.

“Universally, a salesperson must understand how a business operates,” Riddleberger said. “Most salespeople don’t understand or have never seen a P&L statement and business owners live by this document.”

Technology can also be used to ease the sales training process, as the products that are available to representatives can help them learn the business through time-saving techniques.

The gloviaOM software can work to ease the post-sales process and free up more practice and preparation time for a new representative. By consolidating the information regarding the purchase, the application will help employees adopt a standard practice, according to AppExchange.

Representatives will be able to provide their customers with accurate inventory and order status using their web browser at work, or the mobile technology that is available through the same program, the application provider reported.