Sales Calls Require Preparation

Preparation is the key in sales callsWhile the digital age has lead to the development of a great deal of sales being conducted over the internet and phone, it is still essential for salespeople to be ready to meet with a client face-to-face.

It is vital that a salesperson be ready to meet with clients and effectively convey how his or her company’s product or service can help their business. Entrepreneur Magazine recently produced an article aimed at giving these people tips to make successful sales calls.

The first thing that the article says a salesperson who will be conducting a sales call should do is to prepare for it. This preparation includes researching the account, finding out any information about the company and the person they will be meeting with and determining what the precise goal of the visit will be.

The article says to try to find out something personal about the person they are meeting with, such as a hobby. However, Barrett Riddleberger, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales training and consulting firm, said that some salespeople can go about doing this the wrong way by getting “too personal too quickly.”

“Relationship selling got overdone in the ’90’s and a lot of that is still lingering,” he explained. “Customers want solutions – relationships are nice to have, but throwing out some personal questions early or even late in the sales process can be detrimental; especially with buyers who are primarily results focused and those that have a lot of pain.”

The Entrepreneur Magazine article also offers a list of “surveying” questions to ask during sales meetings and Riddleberger said that it is essential that these “be developed prior to the sales call.”

According to the CEO, salespeople need to have a set of questions that they will ask during every initial meeting regardless of the circumstances. Riddleberger said that this bit of advice also extends to subsequent calls, as knowing what to ask is essential in the world of sales.

“Entering into a sales call without a set of well crafted questions can leave a sales rep insecure, unprofessional, forgetful and poorly positioned in the mind of the buyer,” the executive said. “Determine what you will need to know when you exit the sales call, then create questions to acquire that information before the sales call. Preparation is key.”