Sales Assessments: Important Tool for Hiring Salespeople

Sales Assessments EssentialThere are many ways to go about evaluating a candidate for a sales position and personality tests are a trendy one but may not be the best for hiring salespeople.

According to Inc. Magazine, personality tests have made a number of strides over the past half century. Still there are more effective ways of evaluating candidates to determine whether or not they might make a quality salesperson.

While personality tests can certainly add some value to the hiring process for sales managers, sales assessments are still one of their primary tools as they can prevent costly mistakes and help identify the best candidates for the sales positions.

Barrett Riddleberger, the CEO of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales coaching, training and consulting firm, said that personality tests are best used for measuring a candidate’s behavior style but that is not all that is needed when selecting a sales candidate who will be a vital member of one’s business.

“In a hiring situation, especially for business-to-business sales professionals, you need a more in-depth assessment tool to uncover hidden cognitive issues that can impact a sales candidate’s performance,” he said.

Riddleberger presented a hypothetical to illustrate how a personality test could potentially hinder a hiring manager in bringing on a quality salesperson.

“For example, a sales candidate may have a Type-A personality which is good for prospecting and new business development, but cognitively, they may fear rejection,” he said. “This conflict between the candidate’s personality and [his or her] thinking process cannot be identified by a personality test alone and will go undiscovered by the interviewer. The results? Poor performance by the new salesperson and a frustrated sales manager.”

Not only can sales hiring assessments help a company find the best salespeople out there but they can help a business identify organizational issues that may be holding the firm back from realizing its full sales potential.

In addition, sales assessments are an invaluable tool because they provide hard, unbiased data to a hiring manager. This type of information is much easier to understand and interpret than even the most straightforward personality tests.

With the help of the proper hiring tools, bringing on quality salespeople can become a much simpler process than if one were merely to rely on subjective factors such as personality tests.