Sales Assessments Aid in Hiring Strong, Straightforward Employees

Identifying strong straightforward employees

A recent article in Entrepreneur Magazine says that most people prefer salespeople who are straightforward.

While this may seem like intuitive advice, it can be difficult to hire salespeople who meet that description and that is where sales assessments can help immensely.

Barrett Riddleberger, the CEO of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales consulting firm, said that finding a straightforward salesperson requires “a formal process for evaluation that brings those characteristics (or lack of) to the surface during the hiring process.”

“Discovering if a sales rep in an interview is confident, a good communicator and has the ability to walk away from a deal at the right time, is hard to pin down in a typical hiring process,” the CEO said. “Therefore, an in-depth sales assessment is critical to the hiring process.”

Riddleberger said that veteran salespeople can project a straightforward demeanor in an interview without really possessing those traits.

“Those hidden characteristics [that make for a successful salesperson] must be gleaned from more sophisticated means and a sales assessment that measures not only personality traits, but also core motivators and thinking processes will serve you well,” Riddleberger said.