Sales Apps can be Important Tool But Don’t Go Overboard

Apps are important in sales

It seems as if technology has been changing the world of sales more and more in recent years with a new innovation coming up seemingly every month. However, it is essential to avoid trying to utilize technologies that might not be as effective as they initially appear.

A recent article in Inc. Magazine highlights some of the best smartphone apps for salespeople,such as Jump Scan, which encodes one’s information into a barcode, making the transfer of this data quick and simple.

Barrett Riddleberger, the CEO of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales consulting firm, says that he loves apps and that they can be very helpful in the business world, but there are also potential pitfalls to this technology, like getting hung up on trying out every app out there.

According to Riddleberger, less is often more when it comes to apps and it is important to focus on a good core of them rather than try to use them all.

Riddleberger says that sales numbers are the best indicator of which apps work.

“When you engage in sales coaching and examine your rep’s sales activities, are the next 30, 60, 90 days filled up with firm appointments ready to close? That’s the true test of technology and apps – is it truly helping your reps meet their objectives consistently? If the answer is ‘Yes,’ then let them use it,” he said.