Sales Administrators: Key To Your Team’s Success: Part Two Of Two

Sales Admin Team SuccessThe sales administration aspect of a company needs to provide the necessary information to the management team in order to limit the amount of work that representatives have to do and to increase the accuracy and availability of forecasts.

A sales management team needs to identify the correct people to place into this role, as they have to be responsible for database management, sales call follow up with representatives, report generation for sales leadership and detailed work that cannot be allocated to another individual.

According to Heather Kivett, president of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales training and consulting firm, the report generation aspect of a sales administrator’s job is often overlooked, but an effective system can help to provide managers with relevant data whenever it is needed.

Report generation should be something that can be delivered on-demand, as the information is often timely and the availability of it can help to make progress in a given sales situation. The individual in charge of this has to be able to generate a report at the snap of a finger, and representatives should play little to no role in the development of this data.

The sales administrator has to be able to give sales leadership the information without consulting representatives, as the number of input sources has to be kept to a minimum for the sake of timeliness and objectivity, according to Kivett.

Reports have to be accurate, as the managers use the information to make significant decisions that can affect the future revenue stream of the company. If this data can be delivered on-demand, the business will run in a more efficient manner and fewer errors will be made.

This means that the sales administrator should be trained on the sales process, as they will have to understand all aspects in order to provide an accurate report. They need to ask sales-oriented questions that are targeted at the specific areas of concern, according to the executive.

These individuals need to be able to follow through with the report and the sales process so that they can, if necessary, provide the management team with a detailed list of findings by the end of each business day. This data could shape the course of action for the next day, noted Kivett.