Proper Sales Training Helps Companies Weather a Down Economy

Properly Trained salesJust as many segments of the economy are on the rebound, so too is the auto industry.

According to the Los Angeles Times, many car dealerships are hiring salespeople and other workers as they see an increase in demand.

“We are seeing some daylight in the automotive business,” Dan Turner, the general manager of Power Ford in Torrance, California, told the news source. “It is starting to become an exciting time again.”

According to the news provider, employment in the auto industry dropped 15 percent since 2008 but now dealers are seeing increases in car sales and bringing in salespeople.

In the first quarter of 2011, the number of cars bought by Americans increased 20 percent over the same period from the year before.

Barrett Riddleberger, the CEO of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales training and consulting firm, said that with the economy on the mend, companies across all sectors need to keep certain things in mind if they want to get back on top.

“First, they need to hire salespeople who have the personal capacities to sell at a high level,” the executive said. “The second area of focus should be on sales training; developing specific professional selling skills. The reason these are so critical at this time is that the economy is only starting to come back. It’s not fully recovered. There is the possibility, as many economists are predicting, for another dip or more struggles as we move forward.”

Riddleberger said that while things are on the upswing it is important to not only bring in tough-minded salespeople but to give them effective sales training so they will be able to handle any situation thrown at them, including another dip in the economy.

The executive also said that the shifting world of sales has put more emphasis on having a sales force that is well trained and well managed so that companies and businesses will be able to weather even the worst of storms.

“Now is not the time to continue with lackluster or inconsistent hiring practices or 1990’s style ‘relationship’ selling techniques. Buyers today are more informed and discerning than ever before,” he said. “Therefore, they want a sales professional with a clear focus on understanding their buying criteria and the ability to deliver value that achieves their objectives.”