Oracle Employs Teleran to Train Salespeople on Software

Teleran will train Oracle salespeople on Migration System

A provider of application management software recently reached an agreement with Oracle to provide training to a number of its global sales consultants.

Teleran Technologies announced that it will train Oracle sales consultants on its Teleran’s Exadata Consolidation and Migration project. This training of salespeople is being considered part of Oracle’s field training program, which is known as Xweek.

“Teleran is pleased to have been asked by Oracle to participate in these important training sessions with their worldwide sales organization,” Christopher Doolittle, vice president of Marketing at Teleran, said. “We believe this is an important step in working closely with the Oracle sales teams and delivering critical Exadata benefits to Oracle customers.”

The new consolidation and migration solution is aimed at reducing the the risk of such operations for Oracle customers. Specifically, it is hoped that it will reduce time and costs for people moving data and other information to Oracle’s Exadata database.

The training will likely make Oracle’s salespeople more informed about their products and services and in turn allow them to better help customers, which may improve their sales assessments.