Making the Right Decisions When it Comes to Promotions

PromotingSales management teams often look to hire within, as the promotion of a good salesperson can serve as motivation for the rest of the staff. If people in the company see that a fellow employee was able to secure a new role through hard work, they may be inspired to generate better numbers.

Though many salespeople are comfortable with making commission and in a role that is based on their own performance, certain employees may wish to attain a management position. Deciding which members of the staff to promote may be a difficult process for any boss.

It it easy to make the mistake of thinking that every good salesperson will excel in a management role. While these representatives may interact well with clients and customers, this may not translate well to managing other employees, according to Barrett Riddleberger, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales training and consulting firm.

The decision to promote the best salesperson can work against a boss for two reasons. If a good rep is bumped to manager, the company will lose one of its highest earners and will gain what will likely be a mediocre member of the sales management team, the executive noted.

An individual might look to the game of basketball to provide a good example as to why those who can’t do teach, and vice versa.

“We’re in North Carolina, so basketball is big here. Former Tar Heels coach Dean Smith loves teaching the game of basketball,” Riddleberger noted. “He wasn’t going to be a great player, but he knew the game and could break it down into pieces, which made him a great coach.”

Someone who is a great salesperson is probably going to say ‘do what I do’ in terms of teaching their employees how to improve their pitch. While this may serve as an excellent model for some representatives, it will often not translate well for a majority of the sales staff, according to the executive.

“A sales manager has to love the game of sales and have done sales for credibility,” said Riddleberger. “They may not have been your best sales person, but they have a natural ability to be a coach.”

An individual who is promoted to the role of manager has to realize that their job is to make salespeople successful. It is necessary for these employees to put their co-workers first, another reason that a money-driven representative may not be best for the role, reported.