Making Sales Meetings More Effective & Less Dull

Taking the dull outEvery company needs to come together to discuss ways to improve the efficiency of their specific business. Sales meetings can help a manager inform his team of representatives of better practices that may help generate more revenue.

While sales management teams may know how to plan a meeting, execution can be more difficult. With the fast pace of today’s world, keeping employees focused and motivated during these sessions is the key to retention and improvement.

“In today’s environment, everybody seems to be busier and busier than they have been. It’s a bother to them. It’s using up their time,” Troy Scott, director of sales for RL Hudson, a molded rubber and plastics company based in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, told “They would rather go to a dentist and get a filling than spend time in a sales meeting.”

A mistake that is made by many managers is to hold meetings for a set amount of time. Instead of filling an hour block that is set aside, leaders should hold a meeting that covers a few items and then close the gathering immediately after finishing. This will let employees know that you are not wasting their time.

Along with length, managers can change the format of the meeting. With the numerous technological advances that they are surrounded by on a daily basis, no employee wants to sit back and hear a boring PowerPoint presentation, reported.

The seating arrangement is also important, as employees need to stay focused on the speaker as well as each other. A banquet style seating chart is recommended, as workers can be split up into teams for exercises easily, according to the technology company.

For some managers using technology to reach their employees might be a better solution. The Connector by IML is a product that may help improve meetings of a bigger sales force by using an advanced voting tool.

Managers can center their presentation around the response of their employees by using the Connector. The technology provides the boss with a chance to use enhanced voting to monitor worker feedback by letting each person use their own device, according to the IML website.

The device comes with a recorder so that employees can save important parts of the presentation. A color screen and texting capabilities allow each salesperson to respond to the presentation in real-time, but the text or post will be saved and will eliminate interruptions.