Increase Productivity with Hands-Off Approach to Sales Management

Hands off ApproachIt is important for managers to set reasonable goals for their employees, as workers need to have an attainable benchmark for which they can strive. The manner in which these goals are relayed to salespeople can vary depending on the manager.

Sales management teams need to be careful how they articulate target numbers, as the wrong approach may actually demotivate employees instead of inspiring them, according to All Business.

Employees do not like to be dictated to, especially in sales, where the relationship between the manager and the representative is of a more casual and guidance-based nature.

The new school of sales management suggests a more cooperative approach to setting quotas and goals that calls for for employee involvement in measuring their own achievement, noted the business website.

Helping salespeople come up with their own targets is an approach that may create a friendly and competitive atmosphere. By letting representatives come up with an educated and realistic number for which to strive, the manager is showing his or her employees respect that may help to foster more independence within the office.

Accountability can also be used to help motivate employees, as a salesperson will feel that their target is more realistic if they had a part in coming up with the number, All Business reported.

“Our sales targets start with the individual salespeople doing a strategic assessment of their accounts and territories, evaluating everything from revenue flow to run rates to new areas of growth,” John Schirmer, group publisher at Reed Business Information, told the website. “We then take that data from the street and match it up with corporate objectives.”

Setting reasonable sales targets with the help of each employee can help a manager motivate his or her workers. Using the newest technology to ease the day-to-day functions of the office may also help representatives to reach their goals.

The Sales Access ManagerSM by Miller Heiman is a product that can provide bosses with the latest planning and strategizing tools. An effective account management process may help to consolidate necessary resources and save valuable time for each employee.

Sales funnel management is assisted by the bi-directionally flowing data, and can help bosses monitor employee performance while providing forecasting information, according to AppExchange.

Employees can monitor the buying organization’s activity by providing accessible information regarding the customer’s interest level and needs. Managers can help their employees to understand the scope of the potential client’s respective business by using the incorporate Salesforce technology.