How To Utilize Video And Multimedia In Recruiting New Customers

Utilize Viedeo and MultimediaCompanies need to adjust to the changing times by adopting the technologies that are available and utilizing these advancements in a way that will generate more revenue and help to attract more business.

A sales management team needs to use technology to help generate more sales, as its representatives could benefit from an online video that brings potential clients to them, minimizing the resources that are used to bring in customers.

Managers should use a well-produced video to help elevate the company’s positioning first and foremost in the mind of the buyer, as a cheap video can work against a sales team, according to Heather Kivett, President of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales training and consulting firm.

A video on the company’s website can serve as a perfect launching platform due to the fact that it is up and available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. It can act as an international salesperson because of the scope of its reach, noted the executive.

“Do you want a sub par salesperson or a premium salesperson that presents your products and services every time?” said Kivett. “For that you need the right script, the right person on camera, the best positioning of your product, the right length, animation, graphics, music – all of the elements that make up a strong production.”

Once the video is done well and the final product is up on the company website, a sales management team has an available and accurate first impression that they can convey to potential customers. If a message can be delivered via the internet and buyers are impressed, calls will start to come in, according to the executive.

Making the video is a more difficult task for managers, as many do not have any type of background in film. This is when a production company should be hired.

“A production company will only be able to deliver what you tell them to deliver,” said Kivett. “If you don’t have your message, then you need a marketing company first to create the messaging and branding.”

The sales management team needs to provide these professionals with all of the necessary information and guidelines so that the video serves the exact intended purpose. Whether it is lead generation, image concious or simply to get information out there, the film needs to be a finished product of exactly what the company wants to say, according to the executive.