How To Get The Most Out Of Each Client

Getting the mostThe job of a sales representative is one that has no finite point, as the customers that are locked down may have the potential to provide more business, even if they have signed on for a significant purchase.

A sales management team needs to teach their representatives how to maximize each of their relationships, while at the same time not compromising the business that they have already received from the respective customer.

Salespeople need to have a plan for farming, as they need to examine the exact relationship that they have with their client. Certain situations exist where a representative is servicing what they have sold, and this may work to provide chances to upsell, according to Barrett Riddleberger, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales training and consulting firm.

“If this is a situation where you sell something to somebody and you want to maximize the opportunity, you have to sit down and have a conversation with your customer,” noted the executive. “You have to do that on a somewhat regular basis and it really depends on what you sell, how often you see them and what their basic interest level is.”

Salespeople need to have a defined plan of attack and they need to understand the customer that they are selling to. A clearly outlined conversation may work to help the rep discern the exact type of relationship that the buyer wants to have, according to Riddleberger.

“When a sales rep sits down to have a conversation with the customer, and they’re looking for upsell opportunities, the first thing they need to do is they need to get an update on how they’re doing so far,” said the executive. “You never want to go in with the intent of asking for more business if the current business that you’re providing is not good.”

Representatives need to make sure that their clients are getting the most out of their current business arrangements, as acquiring more money is next to impossible if the service that they already receive is not satisfactory, said Riddleberger.

A salesperson needs to ask the correct questions to determine the success of their relationship with the client, as they need to find out what is working, what can be improved upon, if the service is sufficient and if there are any things that are making them question the nature of their business, noted the executive.

“The second thing is you need to look for opportunities in the account, so you ask them what projects are coming up where we might be involved, and that’s where staying up with the business, understanding more of the strategic perspective, where is the business now, what are the environmental factors and the economic factors that are influencing the company, what direction do they want to take, what needs are they going to have where your services or products will be able to fulfill those needs,” according to Riddleberger.

After figuring out the extent of the current relationship, the representative needs to determine if a client is going to expand, and what the role of the sales company might be in that expansion, noted the executive.

More business can be acquired and it’s up to the salesperson to go back into business mode to get the most out of the client.

It may also help to offer a deal on new products or services, or attempt to package a couple of things together for a client who has had a sustained relationship with the company, according to