How Sales Managers Can Tell if Their Reps are Checked Out

Keep sales rep from leavingA sales management team has to be able to determine how their employees are feeling about their current place in the company, as a good manager can find out who is unhappy and work to fix their situation.

This can help to keep the best representatives at the company and limit the number of workers who leave.

It is like any relationship, there is a noticeable change in behavior. It is just like when you are dating somebody and it is time to break up. There is one party that doesn’t return phone calls, their emails are curt and to the point and the general dynamic between the two individuals is different.

This is the same as when a boss and an employee are beginning to drift apart. I find that the age-old adage is often true, people don’t leave companies, they leave bosses.

A good boss is going to, through thick or thin, stand up for, support and affirm their sales reps.

If there is a really good relationship between the salesperson and their manager, the rep will often let their boss know that they are not happy where they are and want to move on.

I think that if you are not getting any feedback then it is probably because you have not developed the relationship with your representative that is going to be best for the company and both people. I do not mean relationship as a personal connection, it is more that there are open lines of communication and you have demonstrated that you will protect them and take care of them.

It is customer loyalty to a certain extent. The rep is like your customer, and the relationship is reliant upon both parties keeping an open correspondence so that each person can succeed.

How well are you resourcing them, training them, and are you equipping them with the right tools and skills?

The better job that is done with this, the more likely they are to give you feedback along the way. If they raise a legitimate issue, then it is up to the manager to move heaven and earth in order to make the representative more comfortable in the situation.

If the manager is focused on themselves and career management, then they will be the one who is constantly going to be getting two-week notices from their representatives.