Generating Effective Sales Leads

Generate sales leadsThe age of technology has ushered in a new era of sales leads generation. Cold-calling methods are a thing of the past, as companies have transferred a large portion of their resources to Internet-based research and selling.

Sales management teams need to focus on the speed with which they respond to Internet queries that are produced by their customers. Many times these questions and concerns are not addressed within an acceptable timeframe, according to the Harvard Business Review.

Corporate spending on online advertising that is directed at generating leads has risen by $12 billion over the past four years. Companies that help generate these leads are thriving as well, as an entire industry of Internet sales has been created, noted the business website.

While a large amount of money has been spent generating leads for companies, Harvard Business Review research has shown that companies are generally following up on these potential customers too late in the process.

The research indicated that out of 2,241 companies 37 percent responded to the lead within an hour, 16 percent reacted within 24 hours from the query and 24 percent took over a day to get back to the customer.

Companies need to be proactive in responding to Internet (internet) queries, as these leads can be the secret to unlocking new clients. Not only is this specific type of customer response easier to track, but the nature of the response shows an immediate interest in the company.

Managers can help their salespeople use the internet as a tool for lead generation by emphasizing a quick response time for each query from a customer. Another way to help the staff is to invest in new technology that can create more potential clients.

The Silverpop lead generation platform can help a sales staff create leads while saving time and energy through more effective organization features.

Automated demand generation may help representatives respond to queries in less time, as the leads are automatically scored and qualified. The potential customers are ranked by the system, which can allow employees to disregard clients that will not bring in enough revenue, according to the Silverpop website.

The application features B2B lead-generation software, a feature that may allow representatives and managers to insert custom qualifications that are automatically implemented.