Client Feedback & Customer Service Help Improve Sales

Customer ServiceExcellent customer service can help to increase the amount of sales that a business makes. Selling products is only one aspect of a company, as clients need to feel appreciated when they call in for questions or support if they are to maintain a positive relationship with an outside organization.

Sales management teams should focus on the connection between their reps and customer service. The members of the support department are not the only ones who need to worry about providing clients with the best possible experience, as relationships do not end with the exchange of a product or a service.

A preemptive policy concerning customer service is an excellent way to deal with potential problems regarding the exchange. Managers may want to establish return policies that are associated with a given product or service prior to making the sale. This practice can ensure that clients have the best possible experience with the company, according to All Business.

Managers may encourage their representatives to speak with their customers about their experience following a sales call. Clients may be more apt to offer positive criticism to salespeople immediately after their interaction, reported the business website.

Sales representatives need to show urgency in responding to claims or questions about the product that they are selling. Research about the sales industry has shown that a significant increase in repeat business occurs when complaints are resolved on the spot, All Business reported.

Most importantly, sales reps need to be taught that they are selling a relationship, not just a product, to their customers.

While following an outlined customer service protocol for a sales team may lead to increased business, technology can help companies better manage their claims.

Zendesk for Salesforce can provide complete visibility into a business’ customer relationships. The application connects a sales team with the support department of a company, according to AppExchange.

Salesforce CRM information is stored directly in a customer profile in Zendesk, which allows the user to monitor the individual relationship with their client after the sale goes through. Important requests are stored on the same platform as data about the purchase. This system is intended to consolidate records for management purposes, the application provider reported.

Representatives can manage their customer base, receive comments relating to the sale and look at product reviews on the same client profile, according to the Zendesk website.