Case Study: Airco Commercial

airco1“I would like to tell a success story of utilizing Resolution Systems’ Sales Assessments in our recruiting process. Eight months ago I was interviewing candidates for two HVAC maintenance sales rep positions in our Sacramento office. I utilized our franchise offices recruiting services and assessment testing as part of our process. I had narrowed my selection down to three potential candidates and from multiple personal interviews I had what I thought to be the #1 strongest candidate for one of the positions.
Our franchise testing came back with an assessment of this person that she was ‘low energy’ which conflicted with my own personal thoughts from the face to face interviews and reference checking. In talking with Darryl Dammerich, a friend and colleague at Bassett Mechanical about the dilemma, he suggested I try Resolution Systems’ Sales Assessment process for validation of either our franchises assessment results… or my own instincts.
I contacted Resolution Systems, used the process with the potential candidate, and we were off to the races. Resolution Systems’ assessment not only validated my own thoughts, but showed this person to be the strongest of my potential candidates for the open sales positions. I offered her the position and now, eight months later, she is a selling ‘star’ within our company. She not only handles her selling skills adeptly and professionally; but she has become an inspiration to other members on my sales staff. Her enthusiasm and ‘energy’ lead the way.”
—Bruce Wright, Sales Manager, Airco Commercial