Accurate Vs. Complete Assessments

SalesAssessmentsThere are over 1000 assessment devices on the market today. Most of the well-known tools, like Myers-Briggs for instance, provide an accurate picture of the test-taker’s behavior. Some call it “personality”.

The problem that misleads decision makers is the fact that while a behavior or personality profile may correctly assess whether someone is outgoing or shy, it doesn’t describe that person’s ability to perform.

Let’s look at an analogy. You go to a car dealership to purchase a car. That car has Pirelli tires on it. You believe those tires to be top of the line, high-performance components to your vehicle.

Just to be on the safe side, you take this car to a professional tire expert to verify what you think is true. He examines the Pirelli tires and authenticates that they are, indeed, excellent tires.

However, you both assume that because the car has high performance tires, then the car itself is a high performance car. Not true! You cannot make an assumption like that – you must measure more – especially under the hood.

However, you feel good now that an expert has evaluated and endorsed the tires. So, you make the purchase of the vehicle, fully expecting a high-performing car.

Surprisingly, after a couple of months, you find the car shaking and rattling and simply not meeting your expectations.

You take it to a mechanic-another expert-and there you discover that under the hood is an engine missing several key components.

Bottom line: You can put Pirelli tires on a Yugo, but it’ll never be a Ferrari. In the same sense, you can have a poor performer with a great personality. Despite how much you may like them, they won’t perform. Again, you must measure more.

When you realize you have a lemon for a vehicle, you can return it to the dealership. Unfortunately, when you hire a salesperson who doesn’t have what it takes “under the hood”, you don’t have many options for getting your money back. That costly investment is lost.

When sales candidates bring their personalities and resumes to the interview, you often see what appears to be the “perfect” candidate.
You may even test your initial reaction out with a personality test and find a match.

Why then do those same salespeople fail?

Here’s the answer.
You based your decision on the expert opinion of a single facet of the salesperson’s whole profile.

At Resolution Systems, Inc., our analysis goes way beyond evaluating only one part of a salesperson.

We go under the hood to determine whether or not the external components you can see in an interview are backed up by the internal components you can’t see.

You know whether or not a candidate just has high-performance tires or has a complete high-performance engine driving them.

When it comes to choosing a sales analysis company, you could spend months researching exactly what each organization or test measures.

In the end though, unless the analysis measures the in-depth components of the individual and provides a complete picture of their capacity to perform, you’ll end up with a salesperson with a set of racing tires and no engine to drive.

If you’re frustrated over sales tests and pre-employment analysis that don’t deliver high-performing salespeople (even if they accurately assess personality), call us at 336.665.0506 to end your frustration and get the Sales Champions you need.